Welcome to my website.

My artistic imagination allows me to create beautiful lampwork beads, unique jewelry and accessories. I create with semi-precious stones, crystals and of course my lampwork beads. I create all of the unique and beautiful wearable jewelry in my home studio in Redmond Washington.

So take a walk through my website and if you find beads that you would like to purchase add it to your cart or if you have a custom piece in mind, don't hesitate to email me with your ideas. I will create your item of request to the best of my ability and will give you a price break for the originality of your idea.

New items will appear on my site from time to time, all at affordable prices so check back often and thanks for looking.

The bead set that you purchase will in all likelihood be the one pictured, however if that bead set has been sold, I'll reproduce the desired set. Please keep in mind that these beads are custom created and hand crafted and that no two beads will be identical. I will however promise to copy as accurately as possible the set pictured. Also, if there is anything about a particular set that you would like changed, slight color, size or shape, I will create a beautiful set to your liking. Thanks for looking.