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Black & White Tabs $40 All Shape Rakue $40 Hobbits Autumn $30 Shire's Autumn $35.50 Teal Flower Focal $5
Lentils In Amber $30 Teanaway River Rakue $45 Golden Periwinkle $30 Navaho Nights $35 Hobbit Autumn $40
Desert & Sky $12 Small Black & White Tabs $30 Hot African Pink $20 Winnebago Tribal Beads $30 Finding Nemo $45
Eggplant $45 Lemon & Blue $35 Southwest Dawn $25 Tigerlime $30 Autumn in Pink $25
Hidden Garden $40 Fall Colors $30 Mixed Carnival $25 Opposite Attracts $30 Carnival On Ice $30
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Hollow Focal Teal $40 Winnebago Beads $30 Jelly Beans $40 Irish Goodluck Beads $30
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The bead set that you purchase will in all likelihood be the one pictured, however if that bead set has been sold, I'll reproduce the desired set. Please keep in mind that these beads are custom created and hand crafted and that no two beads will be identical. I will however promise to copy as accurately as possible the set pictured. Also, if there is anything about a particular set that you would like changed, slight color, size or shape, I will create a beautiful set to your liking. Thanks for looking.