Purple Springtime $45 Variations Of Blue $45 Spring & Teal $30  
Pink Yellowstone $30 Purple Yellowstone $30 Spring Lavender $20 Montana Reflections $40 My Valentine $30
Lite China Blue $35 Early Spring Crocus $30 Evergreen Sands $30 Coral Spring $12 Mothersday Blue $35
Aqua Spring $30 Navajo Spring $40 Cool Summer $25 Blue Seaglass $28 Rain Forest Path $35
Coral Madness $40        
The bead set that you purchase will in all likelihood be the one pictured, however if that bead set has been sold, I'll reproduce the desired set. Please keep in mind that these beads are custom created and hand crafted and that no two beads will be identical. I will however promise to copy as accurately as possible the set pictured. Also, if there is anything about a particular set that you would like changed, slight color, size or shape, I will create a beautiful bead set to your liking. Thanks for looking.